Tricks you need to know when playing the Power Rangers Legacy Wars mobile game

Tricks you need to know when playing the Power Rangers Legacy Wars mobile game

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Understanding the basics of the mighty Morphin combat

When you are using the game for the very first time, the first thing that you are going to get is the tutorial which is going to basically guide you through the entire game. After you have understood the tutorial, you need to keep the defending and attacking battlefield in mind always. When playing, a strike tends to come way faster which tends to interrupt a breaker attack. The breaker attack will then overpower a defense maneuver. By tapping into your defense, this means that you can always go ahead and block a given strike. All you need to do is to move away when a breaker attack is coming your way. You can also be able to figure out the kind of attack that your opponent is going to make use of because the icon for the attack usually appears over their head which is why when you see the particular icon you need to act accordingly and immediately.

Make sure that you pick your 3 squad team carefully and accordingly

You should know that your power Rangers team is going to be composed of three players. One will be the leader and two are going to be the assistants. The leader is the one you are going to actively engage in the battles. Another thing about the leader is that they tend to stick between two classes which are either the attack or the defense. The leader who is more of an attacker tends to get more attack moves while the defensive leader gets to have more advanced shield maneuvers.

All the goodies of the game are in the corruption boxes and the Morph boxes or in the Legacy Wars Hack

There are a whole lot of collectible features that you can be able to collect in these boxes like the power crystals – this premium resource can be generated with Power Rangers Legacy Wars Hack, the XP, the power coins, the Zeo Shards and also new power Rangers. As you keep on moving forward, you will get promoted to new win fights and battle leagues enabling you to unlock better Morph boxes.

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